We welcome volunteers because their support shows that the community really wants our organization to succeed. Volunteers diversify and expand the skills we can offer to the people who need our services. Volunteers that contribute time and talents to our organization always make a wonderful impact and difference in peoples lives.

We provide and offer flexible time commitments, training, opportunities to meet new people and learn different skills as you become involved in your community.

Why volunteer with Community Living Port Colborne ~ Wainfleet? So that you can:

  • contribute to your community
  • enhance the lives of the people we serve
  • gain valuable work experience

Volunteer with People

Volunteers can provide support directly to people with an intellectual disability through our programs and in the community. The purpose of this involvement is to enter into a relationship with a group or individual in order to meet some of their needs for recreation, socialization, or companionship. Volunteers improve the individual’s quality of life and are a link to the community.

Service Volunteers

Some volunteers provide support by assisting staff in various capacities, thus allowing our Association to maintain and expand services. Some types of service activities include local fundraising, administration, office support, repairs, and maintenance.

If you would like to learn more about our volunteer opportunities with Community Living Port Colborne ~ Wainfleet please fill out and submit the form below.